160 Cemetery Rd.
(207) 355-5035
public works

The department's primary mission is to keep Newport's town-owned and operated infrastructure operating 
and in good repair. To accomplish this it maintains a staff consisting of  a full-time director and 3 
full-time associates. These staff members possess many years of combined experience and deploy a variety of 
skills which include management, planning, estimating, construction, vehicle maintenance, welding, 
and of course snow plowing.
    The scheduled winter hours are 6:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  
    The summer hours are 6:30am to 3:30pm with the crew leaving at 1:30pm on Friday's. 

The following list summarizes a few of the many activities carried out in pursuit of the 
primary objective:

 Estimating cost and resource requirements
 Management and deployment of available resources
 Road maintenance & construction
 Sidewalk maintenance & construction
 Maintenance of all town properties, including the Town Office, Police & Fire Department, 
      Recreation Center, the Public Boat Launch and all cemeteries
 Mowing and landscaping of town properties including roadsides,  cemeteries,  Transfer Station, 
      Rec. Center, Cultural Center and Town Office Complex
 Emptying trash receptacles 
 Assisting the Water and  Sewer Departments with all emergency and routine excavation when needed
 Snow plowing and sanding of all 54 miles of town roads including some State Aid Roads
 Sign installations
 Spring sweeping & calcium maintenance of all dirt roads after privatized grading 
 Maintenance of all town equipment
 Monitoring of water levels and maintenance of the North Street Dam  
 Additional projects as assigned by the Town Manager 

Foreman Steve Berry
Steve Berry
Equipment Operators Jon Kosobud
Jon Kosobud
Joshua Whalen
Corey Peete

Closed Sunday & Monday
Open Tuesday-Sat. 8AM to 4PM


  transfer station


        Adam Noyes



          David Buzzell



           Randy Raye

1 Supervisor
2 Full-time laborers

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