Public Safety Tips from Chief Macdaid

School is open for the year, please pay attention to school buses/crosswalks. 


As we are approaching winter we have a decrease in daylight hours. A really
good idea is to use security lights to help prevent crime. Additionally,
alarm systems have come down in price drastically with new technology. Most
insurance companies will give you a discount on your policy if you have an
active alarm system that rings into a police department. Along that same line, video camera's are another option that are not as
expensive as they use to be. Most systems are very easy to install. A picture is worth a thousand words! PROTECT OUR MOST VULNERABLE Starting again in November we will begin our home safety welfare checks.
Please contact our office if you or anyone you know might requires home
visits during the cold winter months. NEW CHALLENGES IN ALL COMMUNITIES Bath salts have been a major topic in the Maine news recently. Newport has also had cases involving this drug and the fall out from its
effects. If you come in contact with anyone you suspect might be on bath
salts please use caution and call the police department right away.
This is a growing epidemic that seems to be getting worse.