fire dept.

                                  Fire Chief, Jeff Chretien
                                        (207) 368-4410
Jeff Chretien

The department is organized in accordance with state statutes as a Municipal Fire Department with all Municipal Firefighters and Emergency Medical personnel employed on an "on-call" basis. The department is staffed by 1 full-time firefighter/EMT and 26 on-call firefighters who provide 24 hour fire and rescue services with an average call-out response of 5-10 minutes to scene depending on location. The department was ISO inspected in 2002.

Amanda Chretien

                                                                       Full-time Firefighter/EMT  Amanda Chretien

Newport's Fire Department is located on Water Street next to the Town Office. Major equipment includes a

  • 2001 Pumper, 1500 gpm
  • 1991 Pumper, 1250 gpm
  • 1977 Pumper, 1000 gpm
  • 1967 Pumper, 750 gpm
  • 1986 tanker, 2500 gal.
  • 1987 Hackney Rescue
  • 2004 GMC Radio Response Vehicle

Newport has written mutual aid agreements with Plymouth, Pittsfield, Corinna, and St. Albans.


Presently, Newport has emergency service agreements with Sebasticook Valley Hospital and Corinna Ambulance Service to provide residents with emergency ambulance service. The two agreements provides adequate emergency service for the residents of Newport according to the Comprehensive Plan Committee. The Town of Newport provides first response rescue service with trained personnel from the Newport Fire Dept.

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