About KwikKB

Thanks for trying out KwikKB. Here are a few of the features of KwikKB

KwikKB is a classic ASP application, and will run on most servers that support ASP.

The database containing the actual content is MS Access, with easy upsizing to SQL. To upsize, simply change the connection string to point to your database of choice.

Look and feel is the same throughout the site, thanks to utilization of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). This means that all pages will have the same colors, fonts, etc. If you decide on a change to the look, make your change in the stylesheet, and the whole will be updated instantly.


Click here to try out KwikKB on your own hardware. This application is free for non-commercial use. As such, there is no warranty, express or implied.


Got questions? Send them to KwikKB@dnlcc.com





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